Why Three Valleys?

Three Valleys Municipal Water District was established in 1950 by a vote of the people.  Originally, called the Pomona Valley Municipal Water District, the name was changed in 1981 to better reflect the areas served -- the Pomona, Walnut and eastern San Gabriel Valleys.
Today, the District's service area covers 133 square miles.
In the Beginning . . . Scrub sage covered the inland valleys of Los Angeles County, intersected by ribbons of oaks and sycamores along intermittent streams. By 1900 small settlements were established, and over the years a thriving citrus industry developed, irrigated by wells tapping underground aquifers.
As the county's population grew, orchards gave way to housing and commerce. Civic leaders understood that the wells would run dry unless a new source of water could be obtained. From this realization sprang a new institution, the Metropolitan Water District (MWD), and by 1941 MWD first delivered water "imported" to the region through the 242-mile-long Colorado River Aqueduct.
Water leaders in the Pomona Valley soon made plans to join MWD and obtain access to Colorado River supplies. In 1950 their efforts were rewarded; voters approved formation of the Pomona Valley Municipal Water District by an overwhelming 80-to-1 margin. Later that year MWD annexed Pomona Valley Municipal Water District, and a supplemental water supply was assured.
In 1981 the name of the District was changed to Three Valleys Municipal Water District to better reflect the area served, which includes the Pomona Valley, Walnut Valley and eastern San Gabriel Valley. 
The Miramar Water and Hydroelectric Facility was constructed in 1987 at a cost of $30 million. The Facility was financed with a revenue bond and letter of credit under a three-way partnership between Three Valleys, the City of La Verne, and Golden State Water Company (at the time, known as "Southern California Water Co.").
To see District's formation documents and the Resolution changing the name of the District, click on the PDF below.

Three Valleys & Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

Three Valleys Municipal Water District is a member agency to the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD). To learn more about MWD and the statute allowing Three Valleys to be annexed to their service area, giving us access to supplemental imported water to the region, click on the link below: