Three Valleys Municipal Water District Wins 2022 - ACWA Most Active Agency Outreach Award

November 30, 2022


Claremont, California – Three Valleys Municipal Water District was honored by the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) as the association’s top outreach agency winner for the State of California in 2022. The District, one of over 460 member agencies belonging to ACWA, had previously been honored as the top outreach winner seven times and once in the top small agency winner category. In addition, this marks the fourteenth year that the District has been recognized by ACWA as the regional outreach leader covering the San Gabriel Valley.  

Outreach winners are recognized for their efforts in responding to key legislative issues and making quality contacts with congressional, state assembly and state senate members on California water legislation. One area that received significant attention in 2022 included successful Brown Act legislation pertaining to the modernization of teleconferencing meeting standards. Three Valleys supported legislation that protects turf conservation rebates from being taxed and also played a significant role in furthering the Solve the Water Crisis coalition, as well as needed water infrastructure projects locally and statewide. 

ACWA acknowledged the achievements of Three Valleys Municipal Water District at the 2022 ACWA Fall Conference on Wednesday, November 30th in Indian Wells, California

Three Valleys Municipal Water District Terminates Its Involvement In the Bonanza Springs Study

November 16 , 2022


Claremont, California – At its regular board meeting this morning, the Three Valleys Municipal Water District (District), represented by its legal counsel, made the following statement regarding the District’s involvement with the ongoing Bonanza Springs Study:


In accordance with the unanimous direction and authority that was given and publicly announced by the Board at its meeting of September 9, 2022 - which was once again reiterated publicly pursuant to the closed session announcement issued by the Board during its meeting of October 19, 2022 - I would like to announce that a formal agreement with Aquilogic and Cadiz to terminate the District’s involvement in the Bonanza Springs Study was entered into yesterday. A copy of that Agreement has been posted on the District’s website. As a result, the District has completed its exit out of the management and administration of the Bonanza Springs Study as previously and publicly instructed by the Board. Consequently, since the District is no longer subject to potential exposure to liability as a result of the District’s now-completed termination of its involvement in the Bonanza Springs Study in light of the provisions of the Agreement which expressly state that (1) the District’s obligations in connection with the management of the Study are terminated, (2) the termination does not constitute a breach of contract, (3) the District is released from liability with respect to the termination of its administration of the Study, and (4) Cadiz will indemnify the District from any future liability arising out of the Study, I therefore request that the Board remove Item No. 11.A. from closed session consideration and approve the agenda as amended.


The District board had previously voted unanimously to terminate its involvement by a 7-0 vote.