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Miragrand Well Project


Construction of a new groundwater production well to be housed within an approximate 750 square-foot building and associated discharge pipeline to connect the well to the Three Valleys Municipal Water District (TVMWD) Miramar Treatment Plant located at 1021 E. Miramar Avenue. The purpose of the project is for TVMWD to produce approximately 700 to 800 acre-feet per year (AFY) of groundwater for the purpose of increasing local water supplies and improving overall water supply reliability.


Project Manager: Kevin Panzer

Contact: (909) 621-5568

Regional Drought Contingency Plan


Although California experienced record-level storms in 2023, we must prepare for the next water shortage as drought conditions caused by hot, dry weather are estimated to continue into the future – now is the time to plan before severe drought impacts return.


To combat these issues, Three Valleys is embarking on the preparation of a Water Resources Master Plan and Drought Contingency Plan (WRMP and DCP) that will help to address regional water supply reliability challenges by identifying and prioritizing projects and actions to be included in a roadmap for enhancing the region’s water supply portfolio. 


Estimated Planning Completion Date: December 2024

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Six Basins Strategic Plan

Environmental Documentation


The Six Basins Strategic Plan Final Program Environmental Impact Report (Program EIR) is complete. Three Valleys has evaluated and incorporated comments received on the Draft Program EIR from agencies, organizations, and individuals. The Draft Program EIR was revised with recommendations according to the comments received. In addition, a Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program (MMRP) is also included for use by Three Valleys and other Watermaster Parties to evaluate subsequent projects.


Public Hearing

A public hearing to consider adoption of the Final Program EIR will be on Wednesday October 20, 2021, at 8:00AM.


Final EIR for the Six Basins Strategic Plan

Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Programs for the Six Basins Strategic Plan


Draft Program Environmental Impact Report (May 2021)

The public review period for the Draft PEIR was for a period of 60 days commencing on May 26, 2021 and ending July 28, 2021.


Volume 1

Draft Program EIR for the Six Basins Strategic Plan


Volume 2

Cover and Table of Contents

Appendix A - Notice of Preparation and Comment Letters 

Appendix B1 - Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Impact Analyses

Appendix B2 - Greenhouse Gas Emissions Analysis 

Appendix B3 - Air Quality / GHG Conformity Analysis

Appendix C - Biological Resources Assessment 

Appendix D - Cultural Resources Due Diligence Report

Appendix E - Selected Figures from the Six Basins Strategic Plan

Appendix F - Noise Analysis 

Appendix G - Traffic Memo

Appendix H - Energy Analysis

Appendix I1 - Draft Strategic Plan 

Appendix I2 - Technical Memo on CWM Alternatives

Appendix I3 - Reconnaissance-Level Recharge Study 


CEQA Submittals

Notice of Completion & Environmental Document Transmittal

Summary Form for Electronic Document Submittal