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CY 2022 Form 700 Reports

To view the calendar year ending 2022 Form 700 Reports for the Board of Directors, please click on the PDF below.

Forms 801 & 802

To see the most current Form 801 (Agency Report of Gift to Agency) and Form 802 (Agency Report of Ceremonial Role Events & Ticket/Pass Distribution), please click on the PDF below.

Form 806

To see the most current Form 806 (Directors' Committees & Assignments), please click on the PDF below.

Three Valleys' Staff & Board Members Compensation

To view current salary schedules and Board Members' stipend information, visit the Human Resources Information page.



Enterprise Systems Catalog

In compliance with the California Public Records Act, Three Valleys Municipal Water District has conducted an internal assessment and determined that none of its software applications or computer systems meet the definition of an enterprise system as defined within Government Code Section 6270.5


Special District General Information

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California Special Districts Association Mapping Program


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